Official “For Use With Dungeon World” Logo

Last week I created a logo to use with future Dungeon World documents I may make. The idea was to have something similar to the “3.5 + OGL Compatible” logo you see on the back of products like Pathfinder books… only, for Dungeon World! As I was working on it, I went over to the Dungeon World Tavern (G+ Community) and posted it there to share with others and see if anyone else would be interested in using it… turns out, they were!

Samples of the included files
Samples of the included files
In fact, Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel (writers/creators of Dungeon World) asked if I was cool with it being used by them “officially” (which of course I agreed to), so it is now posted to their site! You can head over to the official site and check it out here!

Additionally, I have the files below…

The Download

Click here to download the zip file which contains AI and transparent PNG files of both color and black/white versions. Additionally (for both color and black/white) there is a version for use over lighter backgrounds, and one for use over darker backgrounds.

Dungeon World Debility Cards

In Dungeon World, there are a number of ways for players to become “debilitated”, for which one or more of their attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma) can take a penalty to its modifier of -1 (the actual “Score” remains unaffected).

UPDATE: June 12, 2013 – Debility names added (Weak, Shaky, etc)

Click to see what these cards look like up close!
Click to see what these cards look like up close!

I’ve created these Debility Cards as a free game accessory for use with the Dungeon World RPG. They make it very easy for the GM and Players to remember who has which debility.

» Download the Debility Cards «

The file (linked just above) comes in a 2 page format of 18 cards. There are 3 cards for each attribute that can have a debility. The cards indicate the attribute using its associated 3 letter abbreviation (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS and CHA).

If you are interested in something similar for 4th Edition D&D, you might check out my 4th Edition Condition Cards!


A HUGE thanks to the work of Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel on “Dungeon World“, which is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Also, a big thanks “” for the icons provided under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 BY license.

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Reddit Map Update

Today “reltastic” posted a black and white map over on Reddit, and added room numbers to it that I felt inspired to drag into Photoshop and color/tweak.

Here is the original…

reltastic's map

And here’s my update of it…

Weem's updated version

Often times, I start from scratch and using the map/drawing as inspiration I re-create the concept brand new. With this one, I wanted to keep/use the original drawing – mostly because I wanted to do this quickly (it took about 20 minutes), but also because I thought it would be nice considering the purpose with which it was posted.

These kinds of things are great ways for me to exercise some creativity and have some fun, and I continue to keep an eye out for more to do!

Gary Gygax Photomosaic

I was playing with some photomosaic software tonight (Andrea Mosaic in this case) and needed to experiment first. As such, I figured I would quickly grab D&D book covers and use a photo of Gary Gygax! I thought there might be some people interested in seeing the outcome, so here it is (scroll down to get the full-sized version and check out the book covers up close)…

This is a piece of the full size image (download below)…

While we’re on the topic, check out the Gygax Memorial Fund if you get a chance.


Click here to download the large version (~8mb, 300 DPI, 3403×4194)
Click here to download a small version (~600kb, 72 DPI, 817×1007)

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Caves of Chaos Reimagined by Weem

So, this was another project spurred by something said on Twitter. Two nights ago Jerry LeNeave (@DreadGazeebo) asked the following via Twitter

Anyone know where I can find a nice high-res copy / fan-recreated map of the Caves of Chaos (aka B2 KotB). The 20+ year old scan is meh #dnd

Well, I had been looking at the map myself recently and decided to do a quick check via Google – see if I couldn’t link him to something. At a glance I couldn’t find anything and I thought… maybe I should make one!

Last night I started, and tonight I finished (I spent about 8-9 hours on it). Some quick numbers: It is high res (300dpi), 17″ wide by 11″ tall (5100 pixels wide by 3300 tall). The Photoshop .PSD file is about 760 megs and has somewhere around 400 layers. The full-sized higres JPG itself is almost 17 megs.

I want to thank @chattydm, @eldritchreverie, and @merricb for glancing over it really quick a bit ago. It’s nice to have a fresh set of eyes to make sure there is nothing glaringly obvious that I overlooked.

Download Options

Please feel free to download this and use it as you wish (even print it) I would just ask you keep credit to me in the image, and point people to this page to download it (as opposed to linking directly to an image). Each size has 2 options. The first is the regular version, the second (“No Trees”) has had the tree overlay removed, incase they get in your way.

Great for gaming use…

Large – (JPG, ~700kb – slightly reduced quality – 1200×776)
Large, No Trees – (JPG, ~700kb – slightly reduced quality – 1200×776)
Large, “Player” Version* – (JPG, ~700kb – slightly reduced quality – 1200×776)

Good for printing…

NOTE: Feel free to print these in large poster formats as well, as long as they are for personal use. For commercial use, please contact me first.

HiRes – (JPG, ~4mb – full quality – 2500×1618)
HiRes, No Trees – (JPG, ~4mb – full quality – 2500×1618)
HiRes, “Player” Version* – (JPG, ~4mb – full quality – 2500×1618)

And finally, this one is overkill unless you intend on printing it poster size, but here it is…

NOTE: Feel free to print these in large poster formats as well, as long as they are for personal use. For commercial use, please contact me first.

Full – (JPG, ~17mb – full quality – 5100×3300)
Full, No Trees – (JPG, ~17mb – full quality – 5100×3300)
Full, “Player” Version* – (JPG, ~17mb – full quality – 5100×3300)

*The “Player” version of the map has no trees, secret doors, secret rooms, traps or room numbers.

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– “Weem and the Caves of Chaos” []
– “The Caves of Chaos (from B2 – Keep on the Borderlands) map lovingly recreated in hi-res” [Reddit]
– “Nice Hi-Res Caves of Chaos Maps” [Dungeons and D20s]

Weem’s Fate Point Cards

I have received a few PM’s recently over at EN World regarding the location of my Fate Point Cards. As it turns out, they were never moved over here and so they were very difficult to find. Recently, a forum thread was even created to try and hunt them down. I figured I should resolve the issue, so here they are! The write-up that follows is something I wrote at EN World over a year ago…

I have been asked by a few people for more information about the Fate Point Cards we use in my campaign, so I thought I would drop them in here with some information.

Preview of the card

First of all, the idea to use Fate Points in a 4e (or any D&D edition) game was not my idea. In fact, I was not aware of Fate’s Aspect system until I read the idea of bringing it over to D&D a while back (was mid 2009 I think).

Anyway, the idea of the rules as we use them were developed by other people (I think most of it we were discussing was on RPGnet) and went as follows (I am going to make the assumption that everyone is somewhat familiar with Aspects from SoTC – if not, just ask)…

Characters in the Heroic Tier choose 3 Aspects. You get another in Paragon, and one more in Epic for a total of 5 at that point.

You gain Fate Points (1 at a time) from the DM based on roleplaying your character well based on his/her Aspects. A Fate Point can be used a number of different ways. Here is a screenshot of one to give you the idea…

So, the first few are pretty straight forward – you get bonuses to hit. The cool thing about these is that FP’s can be used as a Free Action so you can use it after a roll – and in fact, I allow the PC to ask (after missing) “would a +2 from my FP hit?” and I will answer them yes/no so they can decide whether or not to use it.

Recharge an Encounter or a Daily Power (though Daily requires 2 fate points).

Recharge a Healing surge, pretty straight forward.

Make a declaration is a fun one and basically covers any other thing you may want to try and use a FP for. I gave en example in another post of a game where I was playing a goblin rogue (with a DM who also uses this same system). We broke out of the basement of an Inn and needed to flee/hide somewhere – so I pulled up the FP card and said, “I want to take the group to my hideout” at which point he said, “ok, you head there” and took the card. I didn’t have a hideout, we had never talked about it etc but it allows you to add something the game/setting as a player in much the same way a DM could.

Finally you have Resist an aspect compulsion. So you have an Aspect called “Greedy”… and enter a room with gold on the table… the DM could hold a Fate Point in front of you and say, “that’s a lot of gold, and no one is looking… you really want to take it”… the player knows he can either take the gold (and the Fate Point) or instead say, “no, I don’t want to risk it right now” at which point he hands the DM one of his own Fate Points, thus resisting the aspect compulsion.

Anyway, that’s the quick rundown of it for those interested.

Download the sheet of 9 Fate Point Cards here [PDF]

And here they are in black and white [PDF]

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Veteran of the Edition Wars

Today, Matt James posted the following on Twitter…

I think @theweem should make a forum signature image “Veteran of the Edition Wars” -both sides can use it! #dnd #pathfinder #haha

…so, here we go. Three versions…

One on on white (jpg)…

White background

One on black (jpg)…

Black background

And one transparent (png)…

Transparent background

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Weems UPDATED Condition Cards (v2)

Well, these have been a long time coming (not that they take too long, but that it took me a while to get to them), but here they are!

The changes…

  • Updated to reflect the “Essentials” RULES COMPENDIUM information!
  • Added the regularly requested “Grabbed” AND the new “Removed From Play” card (replacing the two Ongoing Damage cards on page 2)
  • NEW 3rd page containing 9 Ongoing Damage cards (use markers to indicate damage, or write in your own!)

Download links are located under the following screenshot…

Preview Pages 1, 2 and 3
Preview Pages 1, 2 and 3

Download Page 1 [PDF] – (Dominated, Stunned, Dazed, Weakened, Blinded, Prone, Immobilized, Slowed, Marked)

Download Page 2 [PDF] – (Dying, Unconscious, Helpless, Surprised, Petrified, Restrained, Deafened, Grabbed, Removed From Play)

Download Page 3 [PDF] – (9 Ongoing Damage Cards)

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>> Discuss these cards on EN World
>> Discuss these cards on

Weem’s Gamma World Character Sheet

A few days ago I bought the new Gamma World RPG from Wizards of the Coast. One of the first things I noticed was that there were only 4 character sheets. More were needed, and so I got to it.

Check out the screenshot below to see what mine looks like, and click here to download the sheet (500kb PDF).

Gamma World Character Sheet Screenshot
Gamma World Character Sheet Screenshot

The Gamma World character sheet has a few words for each section as an aid. My assumption is that you will have an understanding of those sections so I did not include them. The game uses a much more simplified version of 4e rules mechanics so some of this will look familiar to 4e players, and some of it will be new.


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