Card Templates – Would You Use Them? Your Preferences?

After creating a card template for @ThadeousC‘s “Dungeon Madness” cards, I decided that one thing I could do is simply provide some card templates from time to time allowing people to do with them as they please. There are a number of things I would need to consider, and I thought I would start by asking you a question…

If you would use a blank card template, what format would you prefer to get it in? Some options include a) simply a high res JPEG or b) a .PSD (Photoshop) file allowing for some tweaking of the look of the card.

The idea I am having is that I could create a “set” of cards. For example, I might make a set called “Standard”. This set might consist of 4 sheets. Each sheet would have a 3×3 layout of cards and be themed based on something like a color.

So, one day I might release a “Standard” set that has 4 Sheets with 9 cards on each sheet. Sheet #1 would be “red”, Sheet #2 would be “blue”, etc. In fact, I even created an example for you to checkout – a “Standard Red” sheet…

This is a 3.30mb JPEG (2,550 x 3,300 pixels @ 300 DPI)…

3.30mb Hi-Res JPEG Red Card Template
3.30mb Hi-Res JPEG Red Card Template

Again, I am curious about the formatting you might prefer when it comes to getting a card template such as this.

Please let me know here via a comment, or on Twitter, or email me – any and all feedback is appreciated!


Weem’s Quest Cards

Quest Card Preview
Quest Card Preview

These cards are easy to fill out with basic information and hand off to your players (or your players can fill them out), helping them keep track of various quests they are working on or have completed. Alternatively, you can fill them out and hang on to them yourself (as a DM) to help organize said quests.

Though these were made with 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons in mind, they can be used for any system or setting!

There are 9 cards per sheet, and they are the same size as 4th Edition D&D power cards!

Download Weem’s Quest Cards [PDF]

4Geeks4e Song, by Weem

Tonight (this morning now?) I was messing with some old music creation software I have not played with in a long time and thought I would play with something D&D related. Anyway, I took a bit of DM Samuel saying “You’re listening to 4 Geeks 4e” from the latest episode of 4 Geeks 4e and made a song using it.

Anyway, they are more than welcome to use it in any way they see fit if they want to, I just thought I would share it for fun. They didn’t ask me to do anything, they just happened to get picked for my experimentation 😉

You can listen to it here.

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Weem’s 4e D&D Combat Sheet

Weem's Combat Sheet
Weem's Combat Sheet

Do you ever play in a game, only to realize later that you forgot you could have done a number of things during a combat encounter? I know I have, so I made the Combat Sheet for 4th Editions Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially, I write out what my powers DO because that is what is really important… the name of the power is not. The way the sheet is laid out, the information is organized into sections depending on the situation you are in – whether you are attacking, or defending.

Preview: Weem’s 4e D&D Combat Page (not an exact representation of the PDF, which has been updated numerously with tiny changes here and there)

Download: Weem’s 4e D&D Combat Sheet [PDF]

The Temple Map

The Temple, by weem
The Temple, by weem

This is a very simple map of a temple I made and posted over at EN World. It might have been part of a tutorial, but I don’t recall, anyway I hope you can find some use for it! Click on the map to get the full version.

The Basement Map

The Basement, by weem
The Basement, by weem

This is a map I did a while back and posted over at EN World for fun. Maybe you can find a use for it? (Click it to get the large version.

Weem’s 4e Condition Cards


Weem's 4e Condition Cards
Weem's 4e Condition Cards

Here they are, 4th Edition D&D Condition Cards by Weem! These cards make not only tracking conditions a breeze, but they help players know what that condition means for their character with brief lists of the mechanics behind the condition!

Below you will find a list of the conditions that can be found on each page. Under those, the links to download the files! Click the image on the left to preview Page 1.

On Page 1

(1) Dominated, (1) Stunned, (1) Dazed, (1) Weakened, (1) Blinded, (1) Prone, (1) Immobilized, (1) Slowed, (1) Marked

On Page 2

(1) Dying, (1) Unconscious, (1) Helpless, (1) Surprised, (1) Petrified, (1) Restrained, (1) Deafened, (2) Ongoing Damage


Get them here!

Or you can download the previous version here (though I don’t recommend it)…
Download: Page 1 [PDF], Page 2 [PDF]

Weem’s 4e Companion Character Sheet

Weem's 4e Companion Character Sheet
Weem's 4e Companion Character Sheet

Weem’s 4e Companion Character Sheet can hold up to 2 newly created Companion Characters built for Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.

Companion Characters are great at filling gaps in your players’ party. They are easy to manage by players who already have a full character of their own, or DM’s needing an NPC with the firepower to stand with his/her players in combat. With Weem’s 4e Companion Character Sheet, you now have a  great way to reference a Companion’s abilites during the game, but also keep and maintain them outside of the game.

You can download the PDF here which contains two character sheets per page…

Download: Weem’s 4e Companion Character Sheet [1mb PDF]