Weems UPDATED Condition Cards (v2)

Well, these have been a long time coming (not that they take too long, but that it took me a while to get to them), but here they are!

The changes…

  • Updated to reflect the “Essentials” RULES COMPENDIUM information!
  • Added the regularly requested “Grabbed” AND the new “Removed From Play” card (replacing the two Ongoing Damage cards on page 2)
  • NEW 3rd page containing 9 Ongoing Damage cards (use markers to indicate damage, or write in your own!)

Download links are located under the following screenshot…

Preview Pages 1, 2 and 3
Preview Pages 1, 2 and 3

Download Page 1 [PDF] – (Dominated, Stunned, Dazed, Weakened, Blinded, Prone, Immobilized, Slowed, Marked)

Download Page 2 [PDF] – (Dying, Unconscious, Helpless, Surprised, Petrified, Restrained, Deafened, Grabbed, Removed From Play)

Download Page 3 [PDF] – (9 Ongoing Damage Cards)

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26 Replies to “Weems UPDATED Condition Cards (v2)”

  1. Fantastic cards, best I’ve seen.
    Nitpicky things:
    – Would the “Dominated” icon be better served by the black figure having strings extending upward like a marionette?
    – The non-active “granting CA”, etc conditions could be even lighter to make sure that, for example, a new player who’s immobilized knows he’s not granting CA.

  2. Weem, this is long overdue – thank you for these truly awesome condition cards.

    I gave yours some props on the Wizard’s D&D General Discussion boards today, because you seriously deserve them!

    “I’ve seen many others, but Weem’s are best I’ve found so far because they have a nice design, some color, a quick, simple visual or icon on them, plus the rules.

    Perfect to put right in front of the player or DM as they happen. Efficient, space-saving, and they don’t get in the way of seeing the battlemap or minis.”

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