Official “For Use With Dungeon World” Logo

Last week I created a logo to use with future Dungeon World documents I may make. The idea was to have something similar to the “3.5 + OGL Compatible” logo you see on the back of products like Pathfinder books… only, for Dungeon World! As I was working on it, I went over to the Dungeon World Tavern (G+ Community) and posted it there to share with others and see if anyone else would be interested in using it… turns out, they were!

Samples of the included files
Samples of the included files
In fact, Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel (writers/creators of Dungeon World) asked if I was cool with it being used by them “officially” (which of course I agreed to), so it is now posted to their site! You can head over to the official site and check it out here!

Additionally, I have the files below…

The Download

Click here to download the zip file which contains AI and transparent PNG files of both color and black/white versions. Additionally (for both color and black/white) there is a version for use over lighter backgrounds, and one for use over darker backgrounds.

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