Weemcast on Twitch

Youtube has been the focus of much of my creative energy the last 5-6 years now. I’ve streamed a few times during those years, including some on Youtube and some on Twitch. Recently Twitch has really been ramping up work on features that really seem to be aimed at those who focus on recorded and edited content, and it’s caught the attention of many “Youtubers” including myself.

Twitch recently added Vodcasts allowing one to upload a pre-recorded video and then broadcast it “live” to their viewers. These vodcasts are marked as such, which is great, and additionally allow content creators the ability to hang out in their chat with viewers during the vodcast.

I really wanted to try out this feature, as well as some of the newer features so I’ll be spending a bit more time there, and focusing more of my creative energy there as well. I’ll still make Youtube videos, but at least for a little while, I want to try my hand at more active/regular streaming and vodcasting.

Interested in following what I do there? Check out my Twitch Channel at twitch.tv/weemcast!

New Look for 2017

It’s a new year, and I figured it was a good time to change things up here. The last few months (since the last post here) have been a bit crazy, culminating in an explosion of new people coming to the channel the last two weeks. It happens on Youtube from time to time, and things will settle down really soon – fortunately it’s happening to coincide with a time that finds me looking to slow down myself.

I have a lot of things I want to do that do not include Youtube, and they have all been put aside for the channel over the last few years. My hope is to change that this year. What makes that hard is that I really do enjoy the work of producing content for my channel so it is very hard to stop, or even slow down.

Can I shift the focus a bit this year? I don’t know, we’ll see!

New Branding, and a Return to TheWeem!

Over a year ago, I set this website down and focused my attention on all things “Weemcast”. Part of moving away from this site was the recognition that I no longer had time to do the things I once was in the Table Top RPG realm. The massive task of recording, editing, rendering, uploading, and promoting Youtube videos for my channel on a regular basis was all I knew, and it was great, but it didn’t make sense to only showcase that here. This was, after all, started and operated for years for the sole purpose of allowing me to express my creativity as it related to the Table Top RPG world.

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Gandalf’s Groundhog Day, or Gandalf the Time Traveler

An Unexpected Disclaimer

For some time now I have had fun imagining various possibilities for Gandalf’s power, or experiences in the world of Middle Earth, and I thought I would finally get them down. I want to be clear though – these are not theories I’m proposing as real possibilities. Unlike some theories put forth regarding various books or movies that could fit based on all the information at hand, the following ideas break down when compared to the lore. This is all just for fun – an alternate look if you will.

With that said…

Imagine the story of Lord of the Rings as simply a telling of the last (and finally successful) attempt to destroy the One Ring after countless previous attempts by Gandalf. Imagine Gandalf, upon failing the quest, finding himself once again arriving in the Shire to attend Bilbo’s party… every time… after every failed attempt.

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Youtube and My Inactivity Here

I’ve had a recent influx of visitors to the site for a number of reasons, and as such I felt I should quickly address the lack of activity here, especially since this post could be the last post for a while again if history is any indication.

I love playing table top RPGs, and discussing them. This includes articles you can find around here related to sharing my experiences with games – for example, most recently Dungeon World. It’s interesting to consider that this style of sharing my experiences with these games seems to have translated over to Youtube, which kind of brings me around to the point.

Youtube is to blame for my lack of time spent here. The last two years have found Youtube dominating my world, in a very positive way. Over the last 10 months especially, my channel Weemcast has experienced amazing growth.

The channel has given me a very exiting and dynamic means by which to share something with others – my passion for video games. While this is something I certainly experience here at theweem.com and via Twitter when it comes to table top RPG’s, Youtube has been an exciting new form of expression I would never have guessed I would become so deeply involved in.

Anyway, this is running longer than I wanted it to – I mostly wanted to let you know that I am still very VERY passionate about table top RPG’s, I simply haven’t had as much time to be as involved here as I would like to be. This site will continue to be updated from time to time with various experiences of mine related to table top gaming – especially with (at the time of this post) the coming of 5th Edition (D&D) materials, of which I am very excited for.

Thanks everyone!

Mike “Weem”