Session 2: High Pass

This is a recap of a session from my “Goldcrest” 5th Edition D&D Campaign. The artwork for the main image is from Andreas Rocha.

Player Change

After the first session, we did not invite the Rogue back (he was just a recent acquaintance of one of the players). In his place came a friend of ours playing another Barbarian (players talked about it, were cool with it). The group make-up at this point is now…

Ezrakai – Halfling Ranger
Thokk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Alistare – Half-Elf Sorcerer
[NEW] Thakk – Half-Orc Barbarian (Brother of Thokk)

High Pass

Session Date: October 15th, 2017

Session Recap:

Continuing their investigation into the death of Dergin, the group arrived in the small cliffside town of High Pass. Lady Ridgewalker, owner of “The Ridgewalker Inn” welcomed the party, sharing with them the news that a local child has been missing. It also seemed as though local twins known as the “Orweks” had been causing trouble recently. After going to the home of the Rein’s (parents of the missing child Grason) and then visiting Dergin’s cabin, the party decided they should visit the Orwek Twins.

In High Pass, Alistare triggered a Wild Surge late one night in the middle of the street through town. Rolling on the table resulted in the entire party (and a nearby shopkeeper) being pulled into the Astral Plane for a brief period before suddenly returning. They were shaken, but not as much as the shopkeeper who crawled quickly back into his shop, slammed the door and would not answer to their calls. They moved on…

At the Orwek Twins’ cabin, a fight occurred during which Alistare was seriously injured, but the group came out victorious. After a run in with the Bugbear “Kerr”, they rescued Massone, looted the place and set it ablaze.

During all of this, the group was visited on various occasions by a great wolf who spoke to them, and seemed to be watching their every move.

NEXT STEPS: The players intend on heading back to High Pass with a captured minion who was working with the Orwek twins, and a rescued Massone. Going back to Goldcrest from their also seems like a possible follow-up trip.

Notes About the Session

This session had an AMAZING incident take place which I described above (the Wild Surge). This was completely random but will have a very interesting effect. They are essentially on their way back to High Pass now (see “Next Steps” above) where they will discover the shopkeeper seems to have been driven mad. How they react to this could have deep and lasting implications (in other words, I have an awesome idea about this that will be driven by their reaction to him and his requests)…

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