Session 3: Kerr

This is a recap of a session from my “Goldcrest” 5th Edition D&D Campaign. The artwork for the main image is from Conceptopolis.


Character Change

The player who wanted to also play a Barbarian as the brother of Thokk decided to switch his class to Fighter for some variety, so we’re now locked in as the following…

Ezrakai – Halfling Ranger
Thokk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Alistare – Half-Elf Sorcerer
Thakk – Half-Orc Fighter (Brother of Thokk)

Session Date: November 12th, 2017

Session Recap:

Upon returning to High Pass, the group encounters the shopkeeper Heinlen (momentarily pulled into the Astral Plane with the group in session 2). The experience has changed him, and they find him tearing through his own shop, destroying everything he can.

After pleading with Alistaire to help rid him of the things he is still seeing in his mind, it is apparent Heinlen is a danger to himself and those around him. Thakk swiftly knocked him out for his own safety.

Lady Ridgewalker then confronted the group as it appeared they had (as their captive) her adopted son Cory, who they captured from the cabin of the Orwek Twins. After some negotiating between the Sheriff, they decided to return to the Twins’s cabin to allow the Sheriff time to look the place over. Ezrakai noted evidence that Kerr returned to the cabin in a likely attempt to retrieve something from the still burning structure.

Satisfied he had the story (and believed it), the Sheriff agreed to return with the group to Goldcrest with Cory where an official there might be more impartial in deciding what was to happen to him.

In Goldcrest, Massone was reunited with Leeta, and Leeta rewarded the players with gems and some odds and ends her father had left behind. Notable items included some gems as well as what appeared to be a deed to land in Goldcrest that must be approved by an “Officer Kitzk”, an official rumored to be located at “The Fortress”. Leeta invited the group to attend a dinner with her that evening being held by a wealthy merchant from The Kingdom known as Tiernay.

As everyone was seated at the dinner a late guest arrived… it was the Bugbear known as Kerr, who was seated by Leeta, who appeared to be a close friend of his. Tensions were high as the group had questions that needed answers immediately. Sensing the tension, Tiernay offered them an opportunity to speak outside.

Kerr told them Leeta had tasked him with finding Massone. He had showed up a day before the players and convinced the Twins to let him in, that he could be of service to them. The next day, when he found Massone, he was working to free him when the players arrived. He told them that it was clear they would think he was in on this all with the Twins so he had fled when they saw him to avoid an all-out fight. The players let him know they believed what he had said, but as he refused to answer the question about why he went back to the cabin, they did not fully trust him. He claimed he did not need to answer to them which left things tense, but they agreed to get back to the dinner.

Nogand (owner of the adventurers guild they were loosely associated with) was also at the dinner and let them know he had some people he wanted them to meet, but time would be limited. He asked them who they thought it would be best to spend some time with and they chose Tiernay since he may potentially invest in the guild, being the wealthy opportunity-seeking merchant he was.

Things went really well with Tiernay, until it was apparent the players attention was more focused on monitoring Kerr than speaking with him. They even left before the conversation was finished in order to follow Kerr out the door. They tracked him to an Inn where, upon entering, they saw him sitting alone at a table. They decided they would sit at the bar, and a moment later, Kerr stood and took up a seat with them there… and that is where it was left.

NEXT STEPS: It sounds like the players intend to head to “The Fortress” next… at least, once they see how things go with Kerr.

Notes About the Session

After two nights in a row getting 2-3 hours of sleep each, I was concerned this session could be in trouble… would I have the energy?! It turned out to be an amazing session, though credit really must go to the players. They are a great group (they don’t visit my site, so I am not saying it for their sake, haha).

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