“Come At Me Bro” Dwarf

Today, Trevor Kidd mentioned something about his “D&D Next” dwarf that had me visualizing a popular episode of Southpark. I’ll admit I haven’t seen much Southpark (since Season 3 or so), but I do get linked clips and episodes here and there so I guess you could say I’m still in the loop – at least with those episodes people find special to them.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but sometimes when an image pops into my mind I need to put it on paper… that is, digital paper.

Anyway, just for fun, I present to you the “Come At Me Bro” dwarf, inspired by Trevor’s tweets today (click for the full size/cleaner version)…

And for those interested, here is the original screen capture…

As you can see, there really is very little skill involved in this, but it IS fun!

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Monopoly Guy Driving Amy Okuda

So, another challenge was issued today, this one from Wil Wheaton

Dear Internet: we need a photoshop of the Monopoly Guy driving @amyokuda around in this car: pic.twitter.com/d8Xo5N51

So, here it is (click it for the full-sized version)…

I had just arrived home from visiting family and had a text from @SmittyHalibut about the challenge. It sounded like something I wouldn’t have time for, but when I quickly looked into the images available, I figured I would give it a whirl. Official time on this from start to finish was 45 minutes.

Occupy Waterdeep!

Well, another challenge was issued today. One I immediately had an idea for, so I decided to jump in and give it a whirl during lunch. It helps that I have not done one of these in a long time and have been missing it.

Anyway, it started with a tweet from Monte Cook today…

Someone with better photoshop skills than me needs to make an Occupy Waterdeep image. #fb

To which KatoKatonian mentioned me…

@theweem Hey Weem, I think @MonteJCook could use your PS skills.

…sometimes, that’s all it takes…

Piratecat VS Gygax

There is an effort over on EN World to move Gary Gygax’s forum account to the top of the XP list (I happen to be in the #1 spot at the moment). Right now, his account (Col Pladoh) is pretty much tied with Piratecat (aka PC, aka @KevinKulp) and people were talking about them battling it out. Anyway, of course I visualized this, and in this case, I imagined it as a Mortal Combat fight.

Click to see the larger version…

Dice? Really? I mean, seriously you... HEY! That HURT!

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Cleric changes? Don’t tell Neo

I’ve been quiet here as I have not been doing a lot of D&D things lately, but with the Cleric changes today (and the reaction to them) I thought I would throw this together – enjoy!

Uh oh...

Personally, I’m so far removed from gaming at this point that I have no grasp of how this effects the game-play/feel of the Cleric, so really I have no opinion one way or another.