Weemcast on Twitch

Youtube has been the focus of much of my creative energy the last 5-6 years now. I’ve streamed a few times during those years, including some on Youtube and some on Twitch. Recently Twitch has really been ramping up work on features that really seem to be aimed at those who focus on recorded and edited content, and it’s caught the attention of many “Youtubers” including myself.

Twitch recently added Vodcasts allowing one to upload a pre-recorded video and then broadcast it “live” to their viewers. These vodcasts are marked as such, which is great, and additionally allow content creators the ability to hang out in their chat with viewers during the vodcast.

I really wanted to try out this feature, as well as some of the newer features so I’ll be spending a bit more time there, and focusing more of my creative energy there as well. I’ll still make Youtube videos, but at least for a little while, I want to try my hand at more active/regular streaming and vodcasting.

Interested in following what I do there? Check out my Twitch Channel at twitch.tv/weemcast!