Humble Partnership

I’m now a Humble Partner 😉

I love Humble (partner link – more info on that here in this article). I’ve been a subscriber to their Monthly bundle for a long while now (over a year) and as such I tend to go there first when I know I want a game (as a subscriber you get a 10% discount on any games, and you get steam keys for em). Most of you know about Humble already, their game bundles, charity work… you get the idea, so I don’t need to go into details there, but I’ve always liked their site and service.

With this in mind, it was a few months back I applied to be a partner there. What that would mean is basically having the ability to link to games there and have those sessions (visits) by others be associated with me. In turn, purchases made by others would result in some percentage of the sale coming my way. I get a lot of sponsorship/partner requests from all over the place and have turned them all down. I’ve never wanted to be associated with anything in that way unless I was a big fan, and with Humble this was the first time it had interested me.

Yesterday I was offered the partnership there so I happily accepted and have that all set up now! What this means is that it will be a safe bet going forward that if I link to something on the Humble website, that visit you or anyone makes (via that link) will be affiliated with me. Nothing changes for you, but a portion of any sale from said visit will go to me. I will not always link to Humble with an affiliate link, but it will always be safe to assume I am.

I wanted to state this to be as transparent as possible because I want that of others as well when I visit their links. If you visit mine and don’t want the sale to be associated to me, you can always look at the URL when you arrive. If you see “?partner=mikeweem” at the end of the URL, you will know that is associated to me and you can remove that bit if you would like. Otherwise, if you leave it in, you hook me up with a portion of the sale and nothing changes on your end, so while I would certainly appreciate that, I understand not everyone wants to be involved.

Ok, that’s all I wanted to say here, thanks for stopping in!