Cards and Kingdoms!

UPDATE: NOV 2013: We ended up canceling this project, so there will be no further C&K updates.

As some of you know, myself and a few others have been working on our own video game over the course of the last 12 months. We recently pushed out version 1.0 signalling the completion of the game (for now) so that we could begin our next project. That first game (Epic Inventor) has now, at the time of this post, been played by some 60,000+ players, and is being played by 300 new players every day!

With that said, I want to introduce you to our new game, Cards and Kingdoms (the project has been canceled, so the site is no longer available)! Cards and Kingdoms is our second video game, the development of which began a few weeks ago. I have a dev blog for it ( ) where I share various images, ideas and more, giving you a look into the process from my point of view – so check that out if that sounds interesting. If you want to talk to me directly about it, hit me up on Twitter ( @theweem ) where I essentially LIVE these days.


~ Mike “Weem”

State of TheWeem(.com)

Unless you come here at least a few times a month, you will not likely notice it, but I have made some changes here on site last night and today. I wanted to take some time and explain why they were made because the reason for the changes has to do with a slight shift in focus of the site (sort of… more on that below)

The short story is that I will be posting video game related material here as well as my usual D&D related stuff. For more on this, please continue (if interested of course)…


Little known fact: I made this logo!

The purpose of this site has been, since it was created in June 2010, to store all of my various D&D-related creations. Before I made this site, much of that content was being posted over on EN World in various forums etc. However, I found myself telling people, “Oh, let me show you this thing I made” and then heading to EN World to do a search for it (or in some cases simply searching Google for something like “enworld weem muleonomicon“).

Whether the content was articles that could be read, or accessories like cards or maps that could be downloaded, I wanted one place that I could go to when I needed to find something I made. It also made sharing those things with friends easier.

Not all of the content was D&D related, but most of it was. Occasionally I would post a video about a game, or talk about a video game like Minecraft, but this site has always been primarily about D&D.


Epic Inventor (PC/Mac/Linux)

As some of you know, I (along with a few others) began work on a video game of our own called “Epic Inventor” in the Summer of 2011. It was released in BETA form in December and has been doing very well.

I’ve always loved video games, but working on one has seen me playing even more and in fact last year I began recording some of my sessions for fun and posting them on YouTube. Over the course of these last 9-10 months, the demographic of those who follow my various accounts has changed a lot. Most people following my activities were doing so because it related to D&D, but I’m now rapidly approaching a 50/50 margin where there are almost as many people looking for video game related content from me. Whether that’s wanting to see my YouTube videos, or wanting more information about Epic Inventor, many of them have heard of D&D but never played it or know anything about it. Some had never heard of it until they saw me talk about it on Twitter or various forums.


Instead of being D&D ONLY (essentially) I will now be posting video game related content here as well. Whether that’s actual videos of mine, videos others make or articles related to the topic, these will start showing up here now. D&D content will remain, and I will continue to be involved with it as much as I always have been, but the focus of this site will now allow me to cover both subjects.

The way I have always seen the site is is as a place for me to post my things. However, until recently, “my things” have always been D&D related – and since that is no longer the case, I needed to revamp things here a little to help with that goal. Under normal circumstances, I would expect to do what I want with my site, and that is still the case – but I want to give people a heads up is all.After all, a large number of people get content from this site via the RSS feed into things like Google Reader. In many cases, they may have done so with the (previously correct) impression that this is all D&D content. However, now they will begin to see video game footage and commentary along with D&D content, etc. For those people, I have a solution though…


Top: I always had Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds up there but now I have an email link as well as a link to YouTube. Keep in mind that my YouTube channel is dedicated entirely to video games and gaming (no D&D stuff there).

Top – RSS: The RSS link now points to a page with some RSS options (instead of linking to the RSS of the entire site). If you were getting a feed here previously, you can how choose one type of feed (RPG or Video Games) so you can filter the other type of content out. There is of course the “Site” feed as well that will give you both, if you are interested.

Left Sidebar: On the left you will see some buttons. These are categories (RPG and Video Games) and some tags for some content types (Mashups, Downloads and Videos). I may add more, but for now you can click on any of those to get that kind of content specifically.

Still Here?

So in short, the focus of the site remains the same (a place to put my things), but what those things are is becoming a little more diversified is all. You will still see much D&D content from me, it’s just that there will also be some video game things in there as well – but I have provided some ways to filter out anything you may consider noise.

My Twitter activity will still be primary D&D related. I will post video game related things from time to time, but it will be mostly D&D related as usual.

Thanks for reading!

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