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I was thinking about the “I’m with Coco” image today and it inspired me to create the following image, which essentially sums up my stance when it comes to edition preference. What stance is that? It’s the stance that I am simply a D&D fan, regardless of edition. I like all of them for various reasons. They all have things I am not as into either, but I would play any of them…

…right now…

…if you want to come run a game for me…

Anyway, here is said image…

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  1. Rasmus says:

    I’d take it one step further and simply say: I’m with FUN …any edition. Since that’s really what it’s about – having fun!

    • weem says:

      Absolutely agree, but I was more addressing the edition wars of D&D specifically with this, so, I kept it specific.

      Again, totally agree with you though – it IS all about the FUN! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Is that a tiefling kicking a bugbear in the face? Yeah, I’m with D&D!

  3. MisterDrow says:

    You, sir, are the man! I’m with D&D!

  4. SilB says:

    I’d actually disagree. There is one edition, which shall not be named, which killed my enjoyment of D&D to the point where I gave up on the game. If the style of ht edition were to return and proove to be the standard going forward I would likely ditch D&D again.

    I’m sure others feel the same way about particular editions which need not be named.

    I will not abide an edition I dislike, there is no point.

    I am a long time player of D&D but I’m not goin to support it if I absolutely hate it and I will object to anything which harkens back to anything of any edition which I hate.

    • weem says:


      I don’t think there is anything for you to disagree with – this simply illustrates how “I” feel. In fact, I state it as “my stance” which inherently indicates it’s simply my opinion… it can’t be wrong any more than your opinion can be wrong.

      I’m not telling anyone they need to support all or any specific edition. In fact, I would hope (expect) people do NOT play an edition they dislike (or “hate” in your case)… I just happen to like them all, for various reasons and thought I would share πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stoppin’ in!

      • I don’t have the time to learn every edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and my preferred edition is 3rd Edition, but I’m proud to have online friends who play every edition of D&D from OD&D, through B/X, BECMI, 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D to 4th Edition.

        I believe that my 3rd Edition game cannot be diminished by other people enjoying other forms of D&D (or even offshoots like Pathfinder). I see 3e (and any other edition) as merely the engine of D&D, rather than the vehicle itself.

        What I really love about D&D is the campaign settings, the monsters, the races, the magic items and the other “cool stuff” that is encoded in various D&D rulesets…only because it has to be encoded somehow.

        I’m pro-choice. I don’t have time to play every edition, but I want to see every edition thrive, so that all my multi-edition friends can have “cool stuff”. Nothing really “kills” D&D for me, because I don’t “have” to use any specific edition or product. But I do feel a frustration less than that which SilB feels. That frustration is that the long history (and sometimes weird internal politics) of TSR and WotC has resulted in some great ideas being brought to the table and then discontinued. And of course for fans who stick with a specific edition, the later editions throw up new great ideas that are not directly accessible to them. Even the fan community (and especially the fan community) throws up great new ideas, and is forced – by the very way that D&D works – to optimise them for a specific ruleset. Essentially, whatever edition you choose, and even if you try to play them all, the structure of D&D locks you out of ever having access to all of the “cool stuff” at the same time.

        That is why I really admire and value the people who convert stuff from one edition to another. I see this process not as a statement that the original edition was “wrong” but as a statement that the newer edition would be enhanced by having the same stuff that the older edition had. I would love to see more retro-conversions going on too. Why not have people take Eberron and play it with BECMI rules, take Ghostwalk and play it with B/X rules or take Adlatum (the fanon setting from Dragonlance Nexus) and play it with AD&D rules?

        I am not sure how The Weem sees the “any edition” thing working, but I’m probably more along the lines of: “I’m with D&D Canon…every edition”

    • Frank says:

      I tried 4th and didn’t like it as much as 2nd or 3.5 so I went back but never gave it up. I’ll try the next edition too. I’ve heard good things about it and hope it’s a critical hit.

  5. Dragonhelm says:

    Bravo, Weem! That sums up exactly how I feel. I’m going to be spreading word of this one!

    Now if I could just get a Dragonlance variant… πŸ˜‰

    • Aha! So *this* is where you got that cool picture from! LOL

      I’d be inclined to want a Spelljammer variant. I wonder if it would be possible to have an “I’m with D&D…any setting” picture that included an iconic element from *every* D&D world.

      I suspect something like that would be a lot harder than this picture (and possibly even impossible).

  6. callin says:

    I totally stole the picture and made it a permanent fixture of my blog site.

  7. Fitz says:

    Love the sentiment. πŸ™‚ I might prefer a “I’m for RPGs… any game… any time…” But without D&D I wouldn’t be a gamer, so I can’t argue… much. πŸ˜‰

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