Youtube and My Inactivity Here

I’ve had a recent influx of visitors to the site for a number of reasons, and as such I felt I should quickly address the lack of activity here, especially since this post could be the last post for a while again if history is any indication.

I love playing table top RPGs, and discussing them. This includes articles you can find around here related to sharing my experiences with games – for example, most recently Dungeon World. It’s interesting to consider that this style of sharing my experiences with these games seems to have translated over to Youtube, which kind of brings me around to the point.

Youtube is to blame for my lack of time spent here. The last two years have found Youtube dominating my world, in a very positive way. Over the last 10 months especially, my channel Weemcast has experienced amazing growth.

The channel has given me a very exiting and dynamic means by which to share something with others – my passion for video games. While this is something I certainly experience here at and via Twitter when it comes to table top RPG’s, Youtube has been an exciting new form of expression I would never have guessed I would become so deeply involved in.

Anyway, this is running longer than I wanted it to – I mostly wanted to let you know that I am still very VERY passionate about table top RPG’s, I simply haven’t had as much time to be as involved here as I would like to be. This site will continue to be updated from time to time with various experiences of mine related to table top gaming – especially with (at the time of this post) the coming of 5th Edition (D&D) materials, of which I am very excited for.

Thanks everyone!

Mike “Weem”