Gandalf’s Groundhog Day, or Gandalf the Time Traveler

An Unexpected Disclaimer

For some time now I have had fun imagining various possibilities for Gandalf’s power, or experiences in the world of Middle Earth, and I thought I would finally get them down. I want to be clear though – these are not theories I’m proposing as real possibilities. Unlike some theories put forth regarding various books or movies that could fit based on all the information at hand, the following ideas break down when compared to the lore. This is all just for fun – an alternate look if you will.

With that said…

Imagine the story of Lord of the Rings as simply a telling of the last (and finally successful) attempt to destroy the One Ring after¬†countless previous attempts by Gandalf. Imagine Gandalf, upon failing the quest,¬†finding himself once again arriving in the Shire to attend Bilbo’s party… every time… after every failed attempt.

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