New Branding, and a Return to TheWeem!

Over a year ago, I set this website down and focused my attention on all things “Weemcast”. Part of moving away from this site was the recognition that I no longer had time to do the things I once was in the Table Top RPG realm. The massive task of recording, editing, rendering, uploading, and promoting Youtube videos for my channel on a regular basis was all I knew, and it was great, but it didn’t make sense to only showcase that here. This was, after all, started and operated for years for the sole purpose of allowing me to express my creativity as it related to the Table Top RPG world.

A big part of the move as well was the fact that I decided to start a new Twitter handle just for those purposes. I created @weemcast, and as such my use of @theweem fell to the side. I thought I would use both at the same time, each for their own specific purpose, but before long @theweem was being neglected entirely.

I gave that new Twitter handle its day(s) and at the same time avoided having a website at all, but I began to realize lately that there were a lot of things I wanted to do and talk about that may not make much sense to say in a “Youtube only” environment. So what do I do, I thought… I don’t want to use two different Twitter handles depending on what I want to say. I also did not want to make a new website to talk about things that didn’t make sense to put here.

So, I considered my options and decided… I gave the other way a great effort, but it is time to re-think the approach. The best way forward may indeed to use one Twitter handle and one website (among other tools). To use this place in a way that allows me to do whatever I want to do in once place, instead of breaking up messages based on topics. In other words, to make it more about the things (plural) I am doing than make multiple places each about one specific thing I do.

This is my return to TheWeem. I will be using this website, and @theweem to talk about anything… no longer just Table Top RPG’s, and it won’t just be about Youtube either, it will be about… well, really anything I feel like essentially. That said, I will still be following my simple rules of not discussing hot topics (religion, politics) and to assure I am always bringing a positive vibe to the internet. These are the tools I will use to express my creativity in whatever form that takes in the moment… graphic work… art… videos… writing… whatever!

Many of you who may have followed the feed of this site, or who have followed me on @theweem for all of the RPG stuff I was involved with – I will understand if the mix of focus requires you to un-follow me in one form or another (if you have not already) – I get it for sure. If you prefer to stick around though, I am looking forward to hooking up with you again.