My First 4e Encounter Maps

  • Posted on: March 6, 2012
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While doing some research today and poking around my other websites, I ran into some scans of maps I had hand drawn (as I do all of my encounter maps) for my very first 4e encounters.

Anyway, as I recently did the revamped Caves of Chaos map, I currently have maps on the mind and thought I would quickly share these…

The first series are the first and second levels of a small series of tunnels carved into a thick rock wall separating two canyons. These maps (as you will see) have jagged lines seperating the various rooms and hallways. I wanted to lay these out using dungeon tiles from the board game “Descent” so I marked up the map based on those pieces. As the players moved through the cave, I pulled out the pieces and laid them out…

The second series is an encounter the PC’s would face later after tracking down some Kobolds from the first encounter…

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  1. Jon · March 9, 2012

    Excellent maps. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing.