Next up? Pathfinder

I just finished putting together my Human Ranger for an upcoming Pathfinder campaign to be run by my good buddy @spencefather and I must say, it was a lot of fun.

Dwarf Ranger

For the last year or so now I have been touting Pathfinder to various family and friends who had decided 4th Edition was not for them. I had only played it once in a very short one-off, but I had played a lot of 3.0 and then 3.5 and had been following PF for a while. It has always been easy to find good things being said about the game as well, so recommending it for those looking to take a step away from 4e (but wanting to stick with D&D) has been pretty easy to do, despite my limited play time.

The last few days have had me experiencing (good) flashbacks to my 3x days. There was a lot I really enjoyed seeing again, and there were things I saw that reminded me of what I really like about 4e (at least from a DM’s standpoint) – but I am a huge D&D fan, regardless of edition, but this change of pace (compared to playing only 4e since its release) is something I am really looking forward to.