The Golden Girl Gamers with Wil Wheaton

Just a little something I put together.

The ante was being raised in an EN World thread to which I responded…

Oh yea?

I see your Betty White, your Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan, and I raise you ALL of them playing D&D with Wil Wheaton in the middle of an iconic D&D bar fight, framed in bacon…

Click it (or here) for the large version!

Yea... yep... I know...

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25 Replies to “The Golden Girl Gamers with Wil Wheaton”

  1. I couldn’t give you any more XP on EN World, so I have to give you props right here.

    This picture made my day. And bacon made it better — after all, bacon makes everything taste (and look) better.

  2. FWIW, it upsamples reasonably well, and would probably be t-shirtable. (Graphic designer here, and did a test run on the imagejust to see how fuzzy it got. The answer… not too bad if all you’re looking for is t-shirt resolution.)

  3. So… you don’t have a high-res version of this by any chance, do you? I’d like to hang it on my wall and make a bacon frame for it. Dead serious. Email me?

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